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Now that we’re using the tick counter (with reset-ticks ), we should tell NetLogo that it only needs to update the view once per tick, instead of continuously updating it.

This makes your model run faster and ensures a consistent appearance (since the updates will happen at consistent times). See the Programming Guide for a fuller discussion of view updates.

Now make a button called “go”. Follow the same steps you used to make the setup button, except:

The “Forever” checkbox makes the button stay down once pressed, so its commands run over and over again, not just once.

The “Disable until ticks start” prevents you from pressing go before setup.

tick is a primitive that advances the tick counter by one tick.

But what is move-turtles ? Is it a primitive (in other words, built-in to NetLogo)? No, it’s another procedure that you’re about to add. So far, you have introduced two procedures that you added yourself: setup and go .

Note there are no spaces around the hyphen in move-turtles . In Tutorial #2 we used red - 2 , with spaces, in order to subtract two numbers, but here we want move-turtles , without spaces. The “-” combines “move” and “turtles” into a single name.

Here is what each command in the move-turtles procedure does:

Why couldn’t we have just written all of these commands in go instead of in a separate procedure? We could have, but during the course of building your project, it’s likely that you’ll add many other parts. We’d like to keep go as simple as possible, so that it is easy to understand. Eventually, it will include many other things you want to have happen as the model runs, such as calculating something or plotting the results. Each of these things to do will have its own procedure and each procedure will have its own unique name.

The ‘go’ button you made in the Interface tab is a forever button, meaning that it will continually run its commands until you shut it off (by clicking on it again). After you have pressed ‘setup’ once, to create the turtles, press the ‘go’ button. Watch what happens. Turn it off, and you’ll see that all the turtles stop in their tracks.

Note that if a turtle moves off the edge of the world, it “wraps”, that is, it appears on the other side. (This is the default behavior. It can be changed; see the Sleeveless Top Orange Blue Kaleidoscope4 by VIDA VIDA Finishline For Sale Pre Order Sale Online 0vJ6jI
section of the Programming Guide for more information.)

We suggest you start experimenting with other turtle commands.

Type commands into the Command Center (like turtles> set color red ), or add commands to setup , go , or move-turtles .

Note that when you enter commands in the Command Center, you must choose turtles> , patches> , links> , or observer> in the popup menu on the left, depending on which agents are going to run the commands. It’s just like using ask turtles or ask patches , but saves typing. You can also use the tab key to switch agent types, which you might find more convenient than using the menu.

*I meant the only supplements that are safe and may be necessary for optimal health (caused by our diets, the industrial production of food, and the long list of unnatural pollutants, etc.) … Also, I forgot to include the fact that sodium bicarbonate is helpful for maintaining kidney function, and Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) is also safe to take on an as-needed basis. Vitamins A, C, E, and K -as well as potassium- are UNNEEDED if you eat anything that’s naturally green or orange, even if it’s only in a pie formation or a juice.


Your comments are so full of misinformation, I don’t know where to start. Here’s one: Vitamin A is not found in “anything that’s naturally green or orange.” You’re apparently thinking of Beta-carotene, which MAY or MAY NOT be converted in the body to true Vitamin A, which is only found in animal foods. Many factors make the conversion difficult-to-impossible for a large percentage of the population.

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Sources: Dr Linus Pauling, PhD; Dr Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD; Dr Andrew Saul, PhD; Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND; and 2 bookcases of books, including text books, and sites like this one – many of them. And quite a few videos.

You are kind to be concerned, but please don’t worry. I know my history, you don’t. What I will tell you is that I’ve been able to fully reverse neuropathy in both feet and eliminate heart issues such as palpitations, pounding and skipped beats. All in all, a nice improvement. Ever onward!


The problem with receiving medical information (aside from definitions that have not been revised over time) from books is that literally any person can write (or dictate), publish, and sell a book. Also, many health/nutrition books are written using epidemiological and sometimes entomological studies as their supporting medical evidence. (It is scientific evidence, but it’s not solid medical evidence because it does not provide causation.) Reading numerous peer-reviewed scholarly articles published in different medical journals on each subject is the best way to justify any nutritional practice.

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Peer-reviewed scholarly articles are rampant with fraud, even the NY Times has had articles about this, along with the Washington Post and others; it’s big news. I read actual studies, also often fraudulent, but when thoroughly read such fraud can often be discerned.

You said:

1 – “magnesium is a scientifically PROVEN cause of hypertension.”

No, the lack of Mg is a proven cause of hypertension. It is used in cases of heart attack in hospitals to save lives, and it does. Research has proven that proper levels of magnesium will lower insulin resistance, lower blood sugar, and aid in the prevention and treatment of complication of neuropathy and retinopathy. Magnesium enhances blood flow through damaged vessels, and prevents or delays the onset of type II diabetes. Without enough magnesium, the heart muscle can develop a spasm or cramp and can stop beating. Ever wonder why heart disease is rampant today? Could be partly due to magnesium deficiency.

2 – “The popular belief that salt causes hypertension is based on a correlation, NOT a causation.”

Maybe. If by salt you mean pure sodium chloride, NaCl, you are dead wrong, it does indeed lead to hypertension and the mechanism is well known. If by salt you mean the genuine article such as any good sea salt, then yes, it does not cause hypertension, it reverses it because not only does it supply all the vital minerals the body needs, it provides potassium which is stripped out of table salt, NaCl.

3 – “The 2,000 milligrams of potassium is an enormous amount to be taking daily.”

It all depends upon the health issues of the person taking it. Doses of 1g up to 11g are very helpful for certain conditions and under certain circumstances.

4 – “…the only supplements that can be taken daily without severe side effects are B- vitamins (and B-12 can safely be taken in extremely high doses).”

This is untrue. Depending upon the forms and the amounts, B vitamins can have very severe side effects; it’s always best to use the correct form to minimize or eliminate those effects. B12 used incorrectly and without folate, magnesium and potassium can cause all sorts of trouble, including severe migraine. The safest vitamin is vitamin C, taken to bowel tolerance.

5 – “Also (from what I have read so far), the only mineral supplement that people may need to take OCCASIONALLY is zinc.”

Also untrue, most of America is deficient in magnesium, as well as zinc, and in sulfur. Many are deficient in potassium. Certain health issues may require minerals not even stated here, many with chronic fatigue need copper, which needs to be taken with zinc…

6 – “I meant the only supplements that are safe and may be necessary for optimal health (caused by our diets, the industrial production of food, and the long list of unnatural pollutants, etc.)”

You are possibly ignoring the effects of poisoning of the cell via various means, and the fact that even some who eat only organic or better, and no processed food whatsoever, are still ill. Any supplement is safe if it is the correct, orthomolecular form, and if your health issues dictate that you need it.

7 – “Also, I forgot to include the fact that sodium bicarbonate is helpful for maintaining kidney function,”

Even sodium bicarbonate can cause trouble such as headache, nausea, and even kidney failure under certain conditions. A person needs to know why they need it and how much to take, and when.

8 – “and Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) is also safe to take on an as-needed basis.”

If by “as needed” you mean people who have either been tested and found deficient, or who have most of the symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency, I agree: they need it. If, on the other hand, you mean occasional use just for good measure, I respectfully disagree.

9 – ““Vitamins A, C, E, and K -as well as potassium- are UNNEEDED if you eat anything that’s naturally green or orange, even if it’s only in a pie formation or a juice.”

You could not possibly be more wrong. There was a study done at the University of Washington in Seattle comparing oranges that were grown organically to those grown conventionally. You probably presume that all oranges have around 60mg of vitamin C, like most people think. What they found was that conventional oranges have no vitamin C whatsoever, and those grown organically vary between 10mg and 60mg.

Furthermore, vitamin C is NOT heat stable, so in a pie at least 50% will be lost. In any store bought juice, unless it is unpasteurized, again 50% or more of the vitamin C will be destroyed by the heat. Store bought juices are nothing more than colored sugar water, so for good nutrition you must have a good masticating juicer and juice your own. It’s a great idea, I have one, but it’s not cheap and it’s not easy.

As for vitamin A, the analog is found in fruits and vegetables in the form of beta-carotene. Genuine vitamin A, the group of retinoids that includes retinol, retinal, and retinoic acid, is only found in animal foods such as liver, butter, seafood and egg yolks and cod liver oil. The ability to convert beta-carotene to vitamin A is highly individual, not all are efficient at it, some cannot do it at all, and the ability to convert declines with age starting around 20yrs old. Beta carotene is not an adequate substitute for retinol, true vitamin A. All the fruits and vegetables in the world will not adequately substitute for the real deal.

Most people need more vitamin E than they can possibly get today since the germ is stripped out of refined flour and our current society is fat-phobic (vit E is a fat soluble vitamin, found in wheat germ oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocados).

As for vitamin K, it is found in more than just colored vegetables or leafy greens. It can be found in dark chicken meat, pork sausage, baby back ribs, goose liver, hard cheeses such as Emmental, Jarlsberg, cheddar, bleu and Edam; eggs (yolks), butter, and natto. In fact, only K1 is found in leafy greens, K2 (MK-4) is found in animal foods, and MK-7, MK-8, and MK-9 are found in fermented foods such as cheeses and natto.

Finally, since there really is no one-size-fits-all-protocol for health, everyone should read and carefully consider for themselves. That is the beauty of a site like this one, with conversations back and forth that help others as well as ourselves.

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The Hardest-Working Paper in America
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04/16/2018, 10:33pm

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The last time the Cubs had back-to-back games postponed, as they did Sunday and Monday at Wrigley Field, it was because of a hurricane in Houston.

That was 2008, when the Astros and Cubs eventually played at Miller Park in Milwaukee — and Carlos Zambrano threw a no-hitter.

inRead invented by Teads

Before that, it took a hurricane in Florida in 2004.

That’s how historically bad the weather has been for the Cubs, whose game Monday against the Cardinals was postponed by sub-freezing temperatures on a day it snowed throughout the region.

Barb Brauer keeps herself warm outside Wrigley Field after a baseball game between the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs was postponed on Sunday, April 15, 2018, in Chicago. The game is rescheduled for Monday, May 14, 2018. | Matt Marton/Associated Press

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That game has been rescheduled as part of a day-night doubleheader July 21, with tickets Monday good for use in the 12:05 p.m. half of that twin bill.

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The game Sunday against the Braves was postponed for similar reasons — after the teams played an ugly game in wintry conditions Saturday — and rescheduled for May 14.

The Cubs already have had four postponements less than three weeks into the season, including three during this scheduled nine-game homestand.

There were two obvious benefits — beyond avoiding frostbite — to the latest postponement:

First, Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who has been dealing with lower-back stiffness, got another day before being activated from the disabled list. The Cubs planned to do that Monday, when Rizzo was eligible to return, but they also planned to consider the move, given the forecast.

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